MSC ZOE lost 270 containers between Vlieland and Netherlands

Pollution - Jan 1, 2019 12:01 AM by Davide Gessa


The Panama-registered ship MSC Zoe, a very large containership able to carry 19,000 CTUs, lost 270 containers while making its way through the Wadden Sea from the Belgian port of Antwerp, during the night of 1 January 2019, due to heavy weather from the Storm Zeetje, which had gale force winds.
Waves of up to 10m (33ft) in height were reported on the night and images from the coastguard showed dozens of containers balanced precariously like dominoes on deck, about to fall into the sea.
Extensive debris has washed up on islands off the Dutch and German north coast after 270 containers fell off the ship, The Geneva-based MSC company which owns the ship has asked a salvage company to use sonar equipment to help retrieve the missing containers.
Overnight into Thursday 3 January 2019, the MSC Zoe docked at Bremerhaven.


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