Made in Italy bombs killing families in Yemen

Inquiry - Jan 13, 2019 10:11 AM by Davide Gessa


Made in Italy bombs killing families in Yemen could seems a distoptic title, but it's the sad truth discovered by an inquiry of the New York Times. In fact, bombs produced in the plant of Domunsnovas in Sardinia (Italy) by the company Rwm are sold to Saudi Arabia following an hidden path from Sardinia ports (Cagliari and Sant'Antico) to Jeddah trought the mediterranean sea. NYT pressmans proved that these bombs were used at least in 3 bombing operation in Yemen involving civilian deaths. 

The yemeni civil war is far for end, and italian bombs are still killing civilians; meanwhile the italian government refused to admit its responsabilities, which could lead to an accusation of war crimes.

Watch the full inquiry here.

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