The Ocean Cleanup Project against plastic pollution

Pollution - Jan 11, 2019 8:57 AM by Davide Gessa


The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by the 24 years old dutch Boyan Slat, aims to cleanup oceans from plastic pollution using autonomous floating devices which passively capture plastic from the Great Pacific Garbace Patch (GPGP).

The GPGP is an immense mass of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean, which every year gets bigger thanks to ocean currents, transporting plastic from Asia and american west coasts; exploiting these currents, the Ocean Cleanup devices will move towars these area, gathering plastic waste which will periodically collected from special vessels.

On Saturday, September 8th, The Ocean Cleanup’s first cleanup device, formely System 001, left San Francisco heading the GPGP. You can follow the realtime position and view images from the device using the offical tracking; System 001 is also tracked on our system.

Despite some technical problems, the project showed its potential in simulations and first tests; after 8 weeks System 001 (also known as Wilson) is now heading to Honolulu for inspections and engineering fixes.

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