Vessels List - Page 1

Details of over 1628326 vessels worldwide, including description of the vessels and vessels positions on the map.

 CORAL DA HORTADredging or underwater ops
 SIERRA MOONPleasure Craft
 THUNDERBIRD 1Dredging or underwater ops
 PENTA 60Pleasure Craft
 PALENISKONot available
 SHIN JUNG NO101Towing
 ESPERANZAPleasure Craft
 ELENA APassenger
 GLENN A HENDONSpare - Local Vessel
 AMAZONEDredging or underwater ops
 FOSNA FIGHTERDredging or underwater ops
 WILHELMINANot available
422315000NONAME Iran (Islamic Republic of)a few seconds ago
204671240CORAL DA HORTADredging or underwater ops Portugala few seconds ago
244650754CASTORTanker Netherlandsa few seconds ago
338216331SIERRA MOONPleasure Craft United States of Americaa few seconds ago
244810809THUNDERBIRD 1Dredging or underwater ops Netherlandsa few seconds ago
265696100PENTA 60Pleasure Craft Swedena few seconds ago
267193000PALENISKONot available Slovakiaa few seconds ago
440112480SHIN JUNG NO101Towing (Length exceeds 200m or breadth exceeds 25m) Korea, Republic ofa few seconds ago
273821300NONAMEFishing Russian Federationa few seconds ago
457900631NONAME Mongoliaa few seconds ago
203999464NONAME Austriaa few seconds ago
228038380ESPERANZAPleasure Craft Francea few seconds ago
224073390FV GAZTELUGATXEFishing Spaina few seconds ago
239531700ELENA APassenger Greecea few seconds ago
367375080GLENN A HENDONSpare - Local Vessel United States of Americaa few seconds ago
431002092EIZAN MARU NO82Tanker (Hazardous category D) Japana few seconds ago
245718000AMAZONEDredging or underwater ops Netherlandsa few seconds ago
257860800FOSNA FIGHTERDredging or underwater ops Norwaya few seconds ago
219381000WILHELMINANot available Denmarka few seconds ago
244660608COTRANS 5Cargo (No additional information) Netherlandsa few seconds ago
377455000GLOBIACargo Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesa few seconds ago
247101510POSEIDONEFishing Italya few seconds ago
367401220JUST DREAMINPassenger United States of Americaa few seconds ago
431602108NONAME Japana few seconds ago
720181000NONAME Bolivia (Plurinational State of)a few seconds ago