Vessels List - Page 1

Details of over 1738043 vessels worldwide, including description of the vessels and vessels positions on the map.

 CCICLONEPleasure Craft
 LY63 11Pleasure Craft
 ELSECTESTNot available
 PI63 15Not available
 LI A SEA 5-90Not available
 LI SEA 6-99Not available
 W100-00-36Not available
 TESTOther Type
 FIGOPleasure Craft
 LI SEA 10-82Not available
 W100-00-34Not available
 LI SEA 13-83Not available
 LI SEA 14-84Not available
 LI SEA 15-98Not available
 1-12-98Not available
 SRI PERKASA 39Pilot Vessel
 8Not available
 TEXTPleasure Craft
 NET FISHINGNot available
 MIN HUI YU 4261-02Not available
 NET FISHINGNot available
200000000CCICLONEPleasure Craft 5 minutes ago
200000001LY63 11Pleasure Craft a day ago
200000002ELSECTESTNot available 11 hours ago
200000003PI63 15Not available 3 months ago
20000000418OOMASAMARUFishing 4 days ago
200000005LI A SEA 5-90Not available 9 months ago
200000006LI SEA 6-99Not available 7 months ago
200000007W100-00-36Not available a month ago
200000008TESTOther Type 4 minutes ago
200000009FIGOPleasure Craft 4 months ago
200000010LI SEA 10-82Not available a year ago
200000011W100-00-34Not available 5 months ago
200000012NONAMETowing 9 months ago
200000013LI SEA 13-83Not available 9 months ago
200000014LI SEA 14-84Not available a year ago
200000015LI SEA 15-98Not available 3 months ago
2000000161-12-98Not available 8 months ago
200000017SRI PERKASA 39Pilot Vessel 5 days ago
200000018MINLIANYU60156-1Cargo (Reserved for future use) 5 months ago
200000019219Cargo 2 years ago
2000000208Not available 8 months ago
200000021TEXTPleasure Craft a month ago
200000022NET FISHINGNot available 9 months ago
200000023MIN HUI YU 4261-02Not available 2 months ago
200000024NET FISHINGNot available 5 months ago