Vessels List - Page 3

Details of over 1525382 vessels worldwide, including description of the vessels and vessels positions on the map.

 ZX03 412437897 51Fishing
 ZX 5424Fishing
 ZWOLLEPleasure Craft
 ZWMI2C7POther Type
 ZWIN LADYPleasure Craft
 ZWIERPleasure Craft
 ZWIEBERPleasure Craft
 ZWERVER INoncombatant ship
 ZWERVER 3Passenger
 ZWERVERPleasure Craft
244616174ZXB Netherlands2 years ago
320755212ZX44KQPHO a year ago
245500048ZX10EMMIEFishing Netherlandsa year ago
201603314ZX03 412437897 51Fishing Albaniaa year ago
560028450ZX-EORQXLNB8Other Type (Hazardous category C) 3 months ago
542400000ZX 5424Fishing NU2 years ago
412609809ZXCargo Chinaa year ago
413360220ZWYCHANGJIANG003Cargo China2 days ago
413360210ZWYCHANGJIANG002Cargo China8 days ago
412482895ZWWQ869 China6 months ago
523889085ZWS96 61a month ago
211743460ZWOLLEPleasure Craft Germany11 days ago
498892791ZWMI2C7POther Type 10 months ago
205375190ZWINDAMCargo Belgium13 hours ago
244085952ZWIN LADYPleasure Craft Netherlands10 days ago
244202125ZWIERPleasure Craft Netherlands3 days ago
244290059ZWIERSailing Netherlands3 months ago
244210184ZWIEBERPleasure Craft Netherlands2 hours ago
728694767ZWI 3 years ago
244670782ZWETTug Netherlands2 minutes ago
245295000ZWERVER INoncombatant ship Netherlandsa year ago
246024000ZWERVER 3Tug Netherlands7 minutes ago
244050318ZWERVER 3Passenger (Reserved for future use) Netherlands3 minutes ago
244870718ZWERVER 2Tug Netherlands4 days ago
244675133ZWERVERPleasure Craft Netherlandsa month ago